Baking and Desserts

Baking and Dessert Recipes ~ low FODMAP ~ failsafe ~ low salicylate ~ low amine ~ dairy free ~ gluten free ~

Recipes to come: stewed choko

Substitutes in cooking

(low FODAMP and failsafe as of Feb 2018)

  • Nuttelex Original for butter substitute (everything except shortbread)
  • SoGood soymilk for milk substitute
  • Orgran gluten free SR flour for SF flour/GF SR flour (others may work, but I have tested this)
  • Genius gluten free puff pastry
  • Genius gluten free shortcrust pastry
Other sources of recipes

There are some excellent baking recipes in Sue Dengate’s The Failsafe Cookbook that are low FODMAP. Such as:

  • Madiera cake with citric icing (the best and easy – use both GF SR flour and additional baking powder and xanthan gum) *5 stars*
  • Butterscotch biscuits – see picture below (easy) *5 stars*
  • Melt and mix coffee cake with coffee icing (easy) *5 stars*
  • Classic pavlova (more effort) *5 stars*
  • Lemon (citric) meringue pie (lots of effort) *5 stars*
  • Rebecca’s gingerless pigs *4.5 stars* – went down very well at Christmas with citric icing. About 3 biscuits is low FODMAP
  • Cornflour sponge *4 stars*
  • Weekly muffins with added stewed choko and/or psyllium husk *3 stars*
  • Yum balls *3 stars*

Recipes from Friendly Food:

  • Carob roll (1-2 slices low FODMAP, very sweet) *4.5 stars*
Commerically available desserts

(low FODAMP and failsafe as of Feb 2018)

  • SoGood Vanilla Bliss, vanilla flavoured frozen dessert (“icecream”)
  • Orgran Instant Custard Mix, made with SoGood soymilk


Butterscotch biscuits from The Failsafe Cookbook